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A remote play game
2-4 Players
20 minutes

The world is under siege. As members of a global security council,  you must work together to save the planet from invasion.

The Council is a cooperative strategy game played remotely via video chat (in person is ok too). Using a deck of cards,  players take on the roles of security council members with different skills to secure sectors of the world and cancel the apocalypse in 20 minutes or less.

Updated 22 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
GenreAction, Card Game, Role Playing, Strategy
Tagsremoteplay, Sci-fi


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Deck of cards come with the game?


it does not unfortunately. If a deck is needed feel free to use this website: http://random-cards.com/

thanks. :P 

This seems to work pretty well, like a micro-Pandemic! However, sometimes Research and Ops in particular get a turn where they don’t have a useful choice to make. Add an alternative action for each role? Move a Threat instead of a Unit?  Split an Improved Unit into two normal units?

thanks for this. I’ll take a look and tinker around. Cheers.

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I saw the changes. Did you try it out with these rules? Playtesting now, and maybe Ops is now too powerful... Moving any threat seems strong (you can 'unoccupy' a zone).  Maybe ALL threat from one sector to an adjacent sector?

Also, to clarify: Can Response deploy AND attack, or just one or the other? (Probably the latter is more balanced.)

And: What does 'repel the threat' mean? The threat is destroyed? Or draw another card? OR place in an adjacent viable sector?

Finally (sorry): I assume two Units in a sector 'controls' it for the purposes of winning, and being 'shielded' doesn't count as 'controlled'. I couldn't see this in the rules, am I right?

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to giving this a spin with my group!

Hey these are great and I should definitely clear some of this up it’s been a busy couple of days. 

Ops might need some balancing. I’ll look closer when I can.

Response can deploy and then attack with units that have been maneuvered by ops into contested zones. It’s a bit of a one-two so coordination is key. 

repel means the same as defeat so the sector is not occupied and the enemies fizzle. 

Shielded does count as controlled for the purposes of winning. I’ll make a note on the power. You only need one unit to control a zone however, they are more vulnerable to attacks.

I’m sure there’s some more stuff I’m missing. Again, these are great notes and I appreciate you digging in here. You’ve got a great eye for mechanics. 


Thank you! You may be interested in a version of the map I'm trying in Google Drawings, with elements that can be copied and moved around by the Director (with edit permissions) and viewed by all others... https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1PCyPSMDV7p7NtVsLRrpbIIihUtrqKQ7BEd9NVgLxmMk/... 

ok this is amazing